Saturday, May 14, 2011

Latest Work In Progress ... "Milking Mommy!" A story of lactation

Bobby's adopted mommy Erika wants some of the childhood bonding they
missed out on. A single mom who adopted Bobby when he was in his early
teens, she has never known the pleasure of nursing!

Erika is gorgeous, with adult model-like striking looks.
Her breasts are large, and she knows that she can
produce enough milk to satisfy an 18-year-old's appetite!

But first, Erika's nipples must be 'stimulated' to induce

Erika doesn't want to use a breast pump, because it is too rough
on her sensitive nipples. It is therefore Bobby's job to suckle
Erika as many times a day as he can!

As many times a day as possible ...

Erika decides to wear button-down tops and nursing bras all the
time to provide easy access to her breasts. And they have to
use as much of the time they have together during the day
to nurse!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Preview, Busty Mom Mrs. James

This is a preview of the title '3 Busty MILF Stories' as appears on Smashwords.

Johnny is eighteen and has the hottest boss in the world! Mrs. James is tall and slender, and had FF cup breasts ... and that was before she breast fed! Now, Johnny shares the office with a MILF whose boobs are so big that her shirt cannot contain them!

Mrs. James

Johnny couldn't help stare at his boss Mrs. Alia James when he was in the office. The nineteen-year-old intern knew that Mrs. James, being a mother and fifteen years older than him, was quite off-limits. But he still had many a fantasy thinking about her.

A statuesque five foot eleven inches tall, Alia was a raven-haired beauty with stunning model-like features. She wore five inch heels to work that day, a black short skirt and a tight button-down blouse.

Johnny felt his erection rise at the sight of how tight Mrs. James' blouse was across her huge breasts.

Last year, Alia had given birth. By her own admission, an almost obsessive exercise routine and a very strict diet had given her slender figure back. But breast-feeding had made her already large breasts absolutely massive!

Alia had been a full FF cup before her pregnancy, and she had grown at least three cup sizes since then!

But instead of buying a new wardrobe for her amazingly sexy upper-body, the breast-milk filled sexy mom had decided to continue to wear her old blouses. And she purposefully bought bras that were only two cup sizes bigger, instead of the three cup sizes bigger!

Therefore the breast-feeding, busty hot mom's tops were so tight that they didn't even button-up completely! The blouse that she wore to work today didn't button up completely either! The top three buttons were undone, and the ones below looked like they were going to pop off!

This morning, Alia looked quite angry. She slammed her purse down on her desk and looked at Johnny, breathing heavily.

"Men are so rude to breast-feeding mothers!" she exclaimed. "So many men stared at me when I was walking down the street this morning!"

She looked Johnny in the eyes, breathing deeply.

"They're not like you Johnny, not respectful like you. I think you're respectful because you're so young ... Come give me a hug Johnny ... It can use some cheering!"

Johnny was only five foot seven, so as he hugged, he buried his face in Alia's breasts.

Alia threw her head back and moaned. "Oh Johnny, my blouse is so tight ... unbutton me ..."

Johnny undid her blouse and and his eyes fell on her huge breasts. Her bra was so tight that the straps cut into her shoulders. Her breasts bulged out from the top and bottom!

Johnny gasped when he saw what Alia's nipples had done to her bra pads. There were two big bumps on the part of her bra pads that covered her nipples! Johnny couldn't believe what he was seeing! No woman had nipples that big and hard!

Alia seemed to know what Johnny was thinking.

"Yes Johnny, my nipples are very, very big! I get excited when I look at a young, handsome boy like you! Do you know what happens to my nipples when I get excited, Johnny, hmm?"

"Yes ... yes ... Mrs. James ..."

"Tell me what happens to my nipples when I look at you Johnny ..."

"Do, they ... do they get bigger?"

"Yes, they get much bigger, and harder! Do you like, big, hard mommy nipples Johnny?"

"Yes Mrs. James!" Johnny said eagerly.

"Mmm ... you're so sweet! My nipples get very big and hard when I am excited! But they get even bigger when a young boy sucks on them!"

"Does ... does your son suck on them, Mrs. James?"

"Mmm ... yes Johnny ... he loves to suck on them! And I love letting him!"

Alia smiled down at Johnny and ran her fingers through his hair.

"Why do you ask me about my son breast-feeding from me Johnny? Are you thinking about what it would be like to drink my breast milk?"

"Yes ... yes ... Mrs. James. I think your milk must taste very very sweet!"

"Thank you sweetie! My husband is not like you! He doesn't like my breast milk. He thinks that adults shouldn't taste breast milk, so I cannot have a nursing fantasy with him! But I would love one so much Johnny! Do you know what an adult nursing fantasy is?"

"I think I can guess what it is!" Johnny said and smiled.

"Clever boy," Alia laughed. "I am so happy to hear that! Breast-feeding gives me so much pleasure! Sometimes, I feel like I should be a wet nurse! Do you know what a wet nurse is Johnny?"

"Er ... yes, is it a woman who donates her breast milk?"

"Yes. Not every woman can be a wet nurse ... Most women cannot produce enough milk for someone else's child as well as their own! A one month old baby must be breast fed 12 times a day!"
Johnny was in awe when he heard this.

"That's so many times Mrs. James! I can hardly believe it!"

"Believe it Johnny! For the first month, I breast fed my son twelve times a day!"

"Oh my god!"

"Yes Johnny! Can you imagine me nursing my son?"

Alia put her hands on her hips and looked at Johnny.

"Imagine me breast feeding my son Johnny! I would unbutton my blouse, and I would hold my son to my breast. His little mouth can hardly close over his mommy's huge nipple! But he somehow latches onto my breast. I close my eyes and think about how much I love him ... And then the milk begins to flow from me ..."

Alia stopped and waited for Johnny to say something.
Johnny was so excited that he couldn't help but slide his hand down onto his pants and rub his erection. "Please, tell me more Mrs. James! I want to hear more!"

"Yes, I know you do Johnny," Alia reached down and felt the bulge on the teenage boy's pants. "I can see that my story about how I breast feed my son is getting you very excited!"
Alia winked at Johnny.

"Shall I continue the story Johnny? Can you control your excitement? Can you control yourself while I tell you about how I breast-feed my son?"

"Mmm .. yes Mrs. James!" Johnny said. "I will control myself! Please tell me all about it!"

"But I don't think that you can, Johnny ... " Alia shook her head. "I can see how uncomfortable I am making you down there ... Mommy's don't like to make young boys like you uncomfortable -- it's against our nurturing nature ..."

"I'm ... not uncomfortable, Mrs. James ..." Johnny lied.

"Yes you are darling, and I'm sorry for making you uncomfortable ... I wish there was some way that I could make you feel better ..."

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